Pandemic Ready Pantry Essentials [Infographic]

pantry essentials lined up

Pantry essentials are just that, essentials. Foods that you could use sustain you or your family in case of an emergency or even a quarantine period. Are you stocked up on all the essentials, or are your cupboards looking a little bare? 

If you’re like most, you have some stuff in the pantry, but it may be looking a little sparse. Or, you may not know what foods you should have in case of emergencies. You’re not alone. 

The infographic below contains 7 main categories of pantry foods that you should have stocked for any emergency scenario. There’s a lot of uncertainty that’s followed us into 2021, but we’ve found having these essentials stocked up can alleviate unnecessary stress and make you feel more in control. 


Bare pantry essentials can be broken down into 7 categories: rice & grains, nut butters, beans, canned foods, oils & vinegar, pastas, and baking needs.

pantry essentials infographic

Why These Items?

Now that we’ve covered the pantry essentials categories, we can go over why they’re so essential. 

Rice, wild rice in particular, and other whole grains, provide the body with protein, fiber, & antioxidants. 

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Nut butter has a long shelf life, provides a good protein source, and it’s filling. When it comes to an emergency, those are all great attributes in a food item. 

Dried beans also have a long shelf life. Plus, beans are packed full of protein, fiber, and healthy starches. The fiber and starch make for a filling and satisfied stomach.

Canned foods can provide protein, fiber, and other nutrients our bodies need. The basics include canned vegetables and meats. Soups and condensed milk are also good options. If you have small children, consider storing dried formula as well. This will ensure they have the vitamins and proteins they need too. 

Oils are a great source of dietary fat while has antimicrobial properties. You can use oils for salad dressing, baking, and cooking, so it’s a highly versatile product to have. The same can be said for vinegar. Not only can they be used for foods, but they’re also a sufficient cleaning supply to have on hand.

Pasta provides plenty of carbohydrates, which is the body’s primary source of energy. If you’re going to stock up on foods, consider pasta a pantry essential.

Baking essentials should be a staple to any well-stocked pantry. Proper baking essentials will allow you to make things like bread. 

Stocking Your Pantry 

Ensuring you have all the pantry essentials stocked up can help you save money on meals and make you feel more in control and ready for anything! If you’re stocking your pantry with all the essentials, from lockdown to weather-related issues, then Oregon Wild Rice is a great addition! It has a long shelf life and is packed full of protein and essential nutrients that the body needs to stay optimal.

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