Oregon Wild Rice

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Oregon Wild Rice is farm fresh and stovetop ready! Harvested in the South Willamette Valley, our wild rice is restaurant quality and has a rich, unique flavor that can only be found from growing in Oregon’s climate.

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Oregon Wild Rice is naturally delicious and nutritious and a unique variety of mother nature’s wild-growing rice.

It’s is grown exclusively in Western Oregon’s South Willamette Valley. Oregon Rice is gluten-free, all-natural, and has a hardy texture and a rich flavor. We are fortunate that Oregon and its Willamette Valley offer some of the most nutrient-rich soils on the planet.

Western Oregon’s fertile soil and abundant, pure rainwater make Oregon Rice a natural superfood. The winter rains fill the rice ponds or “paddies” throughout the winter months and provide ample clear, clean water for the wild rice to grow to full maturity in Oregon’s spring and summer sunshine.

Oregon Rice is carefully harvested in late July and early August as the lush, green plant naturally ripens to a golden brown color. It requires no sprays or pesticides and it is naturally organic and superior to all other rice in taste and texture.

1lb of Oregon Rice makes about 8 cups of cooked wild rice. Oregon Rice is a complementary addition to any meal or food item you already enjoy.

This product will keep indefinitely in your pantry. Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place.

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4 reviews for Oregon Wild Rice

  1. Paulene Cowger

    The best Rice we have ever had. Such a great addition to any meal.

  2. Danielle

    This is the only rice I’ll eat! It’s amazing!!!

  3. nanci

    I received a bag of Oregon Wild Rice for Christmas. Oddly I had just copied a recipe for Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup from Feasting At Home. I am in love with this rice. My husband is too and he’s a picky eater. It is a great texture, has a nutty taste and best of all it’s grown in Oregon, so local. You need to try this…. looking forward to trying the recipes on the website.

  4. Stephanie Collazo

    My family absolutely loves Oregon Wild Rice. It adds an amazing flavor to our dishes and has definitely become our go to wild rice brand.

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