Is Rice Gluten-Free?

The wild rice.

If you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or you’re merely avoiding gluten out of your wishes, it can be hard to get enough grains in your diet. Grains provide several nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy. So, if you’re struggling to get enough grains in your diet due to celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you may wonder, “Is rice gluten-free?”   

The good news is that most kinds of rice are gluten-free and are a staple of many celiac disease diets and gluten-free diets. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a group of proteins found primarily in wheat products, and it helps to hold certain foods together and acts as a binding protein. You’d be surprised to hear some of the foods gluten can be found in. 

Glutenin and gliadin are the two main proteins in gluten. Gliadin is the protein that’s responsible for most of the side effects people experience.

Having celiac disease or gluten sensitivity means you have an immune reaction in the small intestines to the protein. This can cause digestive problems ranging from discomfort to headaches, rashes, and even depression. 

Is Rice Gluten-Free?

Well, most rice is naturally gluten-free. Rice that isn’t gluten-free may have been contaminated during processing or mixed with other foods that contain gluten. 

To be sure the rice is gluten-free, check the label to be sure it’s gluten-free or has the gluten-free certification.

Naturally gluten-free

oregon wild rice

Types Of Rice That Are Gluten-Free

Typically the following rices are generally safe to consume if you’re eating gluten-free:

  1. Wild Rice
  2. Brown Rice
  3. White Rice

Wild rice and brown rice are the most nutritious kinds of rice. Again, when in doubt, check the product label to make sure it’s gluten-free.

Types Of Rice That Contain Gluten


Be sure to thoroughly review the following before consumption:

  1. Mixed packets of rice
  2. Any rice that was processed by a manufacturer who makes products containing gluten
  3. Rice that is labeled as “wheat-free”

Rice mixes may contain gluten depending on the products they’re mixed with. The item itself can be gluten-free, but that doesn’t mean the other ingredients mixed in are too. Manufacturers that process foods containing gluten are something to watch out for. Cross-contamination can happen in these instances.

It’s also important to watch out for anything that says it’s “wheat-free” because that doesn’t necessarily mean “gluten-free.” Make sure to check the label for rye, barley, and that it’s gluten certified.

Grains To Avoid

Wheat, rye, and barley are the main grains that contain gluten. You’d be surprised how many foods contain these ingredients. 

Salad dressings, pasta, soups, cereals, sauces, baked goods, beer, and malt milkshakes are just a few of the foods to review before consuming. Also, consider avoiding triticale and oats unless they indicate they’re gluten-free.

Alternative Gluten-Free Grains 

Selection of gluten free products on wooden background

It’s essential to have a variety of grains in your diet. However, being gluten-free can make that challenging. There are other grains that are gluten-free that you can add to your diet.

  1. Quinoa
  2. Corn
  3. Millet

Also, it’s important to note that since gluten awareness is growing, many stores and restaurants these days provide gluten-free options for popular foods. 

5 Wild Rice Recipes For A Gluten-Free Diet

Wild rice is an excellent source of gluten-free grains. To save you time, we compiled a list of 5 delicious gluten-free recipes that we know you’ll love!

  1. Baked Wild Rice With Veggies
  2. Wild Rice Chicken Casserole
  3. Wild Rice And Mushroom Stuffing
  4. Wild Rice Pilaf
  5. Creamy Mushroom Wild Rice Soup


So, is rice gluten-free? Yes, in its natural state, rice is gluten-free. 

Consuming rice is a great way to get an adequate amount of grains in your diet. You can eat rice, wild rice, particularly if you’re sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease.

gluten free wild rice recipes
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